Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Bellygoodness sauces unique?

We create sauces that people with digestive issues think they can no longer enjoy! Other low FODMAP sauces (more on this later) still include ingredients such as tomatoes and dairy, both of which we see causing huge problems to our real patients in terms of their gut health. Our team set about producing healthy, non-irritating cooking sauces that are highly nutritious, easy to prepare, and perfect for anyone following a stricter diet plan due to intolerances or gut-related conditions.

Is this just another gut health gimmick?

We are starting to see lots more talk in the market about gut health, which is fantastic. However, just adding a prebiotic/probiotic to your diet here and there is not the answer. So many ingredients affect how the gut functions and has a major impact on gut health, which goes on to affect so much more in the body.

We’re hopeful that by creating a series of gut-friendly products – and educating our customers on the importance of eliminating the ingredients from their diet that cause them pain and discomfort – we can add value to the global conversation and help to bring meaningful change in an area of nutritional science that is often misrepresented and misunderstood.

What foods can affect your gut health?

Suitable for Vegans

Are Bellygoodness sauces vegetarian/vegan?

YES! All of our sauces are completely plant based and flavoured with mild herbs and spices so are totally suitable for a vegan diet.
No Nuts

Are Bellygoodness sauces nut free?

Yes! None of our products contain nuts, making them suitable for people who are allergic to these ingredients or simply want to eliminate them from their diet.

No Dairy

Are our sauces dairy free?

Yes! Our sauces contain no milk, cheeses, cream, butter, or any other dairy based ingredients.

Are our sauces gluten free?

Absolutely! A gluten-free diet excludes any foods that contain gluten, which is a protein found in wheat, oats, rye, and barley. Our products are totally safe for someone with Coeliac disease (a condition where the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues when gluten has been eaten stopping any nutrients from being absorbed) and those with gluten or more specifically wheat intolerance (when someone experiences digestive distress or other symptoms after eating gluten or wheat).

Do our products contain artificial preservatives?

Nope, never! Our sauces have no nasties and we only use natural ingredients to aid the natural pasteurisation process.

Are Bellygoodness sauces organic?

Not yet! This is something we are always looking at but the cost involved would send the price per jar far too high for consumers. However, our factory only uses top quality ingredients to make our sauces.

Are our sauces suitable for people following the keto diet?

The ketogenic diet is essentially a high fat, low carbohydrate diet designed to force the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates, to aid with weight loss and improved energy. Our nutritious ingredients and portion sizes fit the bill nicely, so you can enjoy your keto meals whilst looking after your gut health.

Do you have to heat up our sauces?

Not if you don’t want to! Our sauces can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Can our sauces be frozen?

Yes! If you love to batch cook like we do, you can make up your dinners with our products and freeze them, ready for the week ahead.

Are our sauces low FODMAP? And what is FODMAP, anyway?

Yes! As long as you follow the portion sizes on our jars, you can enjoy our cooking sauces as part of a low FODMAP plan.

FODMAP stands for fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols, which are short-chain carbohydrates (sugars) that the small intestine can struggle to absorb. A low FODMAP diet is the only approved diet recommended by the NHS to treat a variety of digestive issues.

Can you use these sauces for baby weaning?

Absolutely! Our sauces are perfect for babies (and parents, too)! If you are breastfeeding and your baby has allergies or intolerances, or maybe just gets an upset tummy from some of the stronger flavours and ingredients in their (and your) food, try Bellygoodness.

Has Bellygoodness won any awards?

Yes! We received 2 Gold and 2 Silver Free From Food Awards in 2019, and 3 further accolades in the 2021 edition. We were the 2020 Veggie Award Winner in the Store Cupboard Category, and we were delighted to be shortlisted for the Gut Health Product of the Year in 2020.

I want to stock your products. What’s the next step?

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