Our Story

Hi! We’re Gail and Fran, a mother and daughter team of nutritionists who run our own allergy and intolerance clinic in Essex. Between us, we’ve got nearly 50 years’ experience in helping patients who suffer with a variety of gut disorders.

We noticed that many of the people who came through our doors were really missing ‘normal dinners’. In particular, they were longing for traditional tomato-based meals, perhaps containing garlic and onion for an extra bit of flavour – but unfortunately, all these ingredients can irritate the gut and cause imbalances.

So, we started creating our own tasty recipes using only natural ingredients – and that’s how Bellygoodness began!

A little more about us

Gail Enever

My passion is holistic health and complimentary medicine and I’ve enjoyed a long career in promoting gut health. I am registered with the Society of Homoeopaths, and I have achieved an Advanced Diploma in Counselling, along with a Certificate in Diet and Nutrition.

I have been practicing homoeopathy and food intolerance testing for over 43 years. I also broadcasted on BBC Essex for 20 years as an expert on complimentary medicine. Trained in transactional analysis, cognitive behavioural therapy, and various other forms of counselling, I can support my patients and Bellygoodness customers in a varied and eclectic way.

Fran Griffin

I decided to follow in my mum’s footsteps after the birth of my two children, deciding that it was finally time to join the family business and become a holistic health practitioner! I have an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and have practiced Food Intolerance Testing for the last 5 years. My real mission, however, is to create healthy and exciting recipes to suit dysfunctional guts and people with major health problems.

Introducing the kindest sauces you’ll ever eat!

Our sauces are the only ‘free from’ cooking sauce of their kind on the market, targeted at people with gut and digestive disorders (as well as those who just want their gut health to be at its optimum).

As you know, gut health not only affects digestion but also the immune system, mood, hormones, and concentration. So, any foods that exacerbate gut disorders need to be avoided. But this means that many people up and down the country – and worldwide – think that they’re no longer able to enjoy the meals they once loved.

Our range

Our gut friendly cooking sauces are available in Nomato, Curry, Mediterranean, Chilli and White sauce flavours. All these products are free from:

No Gluten
No Dairy
No Yeast
No Tomato
No Nuts
No Sugar
No Garlic
No Onion
No Soya
No Seed Oil
Suitable for Vegans

But they are FULL of flavour!

Our sauces are suitable for those on a keto or a low FODMAP diet. They’re plant based and flavoured only with herbs and mild spices, meaning they’re fully vegan, too.

What’s so special about Bellygoodness?

Bellygoodness sauces are already award winning, having received 2 Gold and 2 Silver Free From Food Awards in 2019, and 3 further accolades in the 2021 edition. We were the 2020 Veggie Award Winner in the Store Cupboard Category, and we were delighted to be shortlisted for the Gut Health Product of the Year in 2020.

There are no gut health gimmicks with our brand. We’ve been borne from real life experience and a deep understanding of nutritional science. We’ve also worked hard to make our labelling clear for consumers, so they really feel we’re a brand they can trust.

What does the future hold?

We like to think we’re playing a small but important part in the gut health revolution. We are delighted that gut issues are starting to be featured in the mainstream media, and that major brands are finally understanding the significance and need for these types of products and the impact they can have on people’s overall health and wellbeing. But there’s always more to be done.

In 2023 and beyond, we will continue to push forward and expand our range further so we can continue to promote and encourage better, healthier, gentler food choices for our customer base!

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