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Low FODMAP goodness you can trust

FODMAPs (fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols) are short-chain carbohydrates (sugars) that can be hard for some people to digest. Unfortunately, this leads to troubling gut issues. A low FODMAP diet is the only diet recommended by the NHS to treat the pain and discomfort that comes with eating foods that are high in these substances.

Despite the relief it brings, a low FODMAP diet can be challenging. As you watch the list of foods you can eat get shorter and shorter, it’s easy to believe that you’ll never enjoy tasty meals again.

Deeply rooted in real-life experience, nutritional science, and a passion for gut health, Bellygoodness sauces offer you gut-friendly goodness you can trust. You won’t find onions, garlic or other high in FODMAP ingredients in our sauces. Simply follow the portion sizes shown on our jars and enjoy them as part of a low FODMAP eating plan.

Free from the ingredients you work hard to avoid

While other low FODMAP cooking sauces still contain gut-irritating ingredients, such as tomatoes and dairy, which we see causing problems for our patients, our sauces don’t. A powerhouse for keeping your gut healthy, our sauces are completely free from gut-irritating ingredients like:

We’ve bagged multiple awards at the Free From Food Awards (the authority on safety and quality for those who must eat restricted diets), so there’s extra proof that our sauces are tasty, gut-friendly and perfect for your keto needs.

A convenient way to follow a low FODMAP way of life

As garlic and onion are both very high in FODMAP ingredients, you might worry that your diet will be bland without them. But despite being free from both, our sauces deliver that authentic flavour you’ve been craving, without causing that all-too-familiar sore stomach afterwards.

Available in 5 tasty flavours – Nomato, White, Chilli, Curry, and Mediterranean – these tummy-friendly cupboard staples are just what you need to prepare quick, safe meals that you really can eat without any repercussions.

Ready-made to dip, spread, pour, or stir in, our sauces are a versatile and convenient option when you’re following a low FODMAP diet. Pair them with other naturally low FODMAP foods and enjoy worry-free belly goodness.

Get your gut-friendly cooking sauce fix

Say goodbye to stomach stress and digestive discomfort with our low FODMAP cooking sauces. We’ve made the entire process painless. Simply shop online or find a stockist near you.

Want to become a stockist instead? Visit our Stockists page or drop us an email at hello@bellygoodness.com.

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