Sweet Jacket Potato with Chilli Sauce

Our Sweet Jacket Potato with Bellygoodness Chilli sauce is the perfect Candida friendly meal. It not only tastes good but is also gentle on the tummy!

Candida Friendly Salad

The perfect candida friendly salad, super easy to make and filled with gut friendly ingredients!

Nomato Avocado Eggs

Mix up your breakfast options with these avocado eggs! If you can’t have tomatoes then our Nomato sauce is a perfect and yummy alternative.

Mediterranean Salmon

This healthy salmon and vegetable dish is the perfect dinner if you fancy something a little different. A fantastic low FODMAP option, it’s tasty too, with our Mediterranean sauce adding some tang!

Chicken Fajitas

A delicious gut friendly recipe, using our Chilli Sauce, smokey and gentle on your tummy!